Our machines are able to perform multi-tasks such as off centre end working, cross milling/drilling/tapping, screw cutting and turning operations and, in some cases, simultaneously within each path, e.g. combined multi-axis interpolation. Using our Tornos Deco 20a we can have up to four tools cutting simultaneously, balanced turning/rapid material removal or almost instantaneous tip to tip tool changeover time.

Operations are split across the main and sub-spindle and with careful tool selection and skilled programming, cycle times are minimised whilst maintaining finish, tolerance and effective tool life. This part of the planning process is where we keep the costs down.

We are experts in complex machining and any of the following operations can be undertaken on our machines, together with more conventional tasks such as turning, milling, drilling, reaming and boring.

  • Thread whirling – internal and external
  • Axial and tangential thread rolling
  • Roll form tapping
  • Conventional and rigid tapping
  • Thread rolling using Habegger and Fette type thread rolling heads
  • Die head threading – using Coventry and Landis cutting die heads
  • Thread turning/milling
  • Conventional button die threading
  • Wobble broaching – hexagons, squares & torx.
  • Progressive broaching –internal/external (splines/serrations)
Gear Cutting, Spline and Serrations
  • Gear hobbing/cutting (spur gears only).
Cold Forming
  • Straight diagonal/diamond knurling/crimping/flaring/profile rolling.
Hole Making
  • Deep hole gun drilling
  • Peck drilling
  • High speed /pressure through-coolant drilling
  • Form drilling
  • Radial/angular/end milling – with circular and multi-axis interpolation for highly complex parts.
  • Polygon milling (generally used to generate flats or planes on soft materials)
  • Slitting.
Improved surface finishing
  • Internal and external roller burnishing.
  • Roll marking
  • HF (high frequency) rotary micro drilling/milling/engraving

Additional Services


We can pack parts in a single step in LDPE sealed bags with your logo and pre-printed artwork to which can be added part number, batch/serial number and description with single or dual bar codes (EAN/UPC) for point of sale/real time inventory control. Bags can be designed with euro type hanging slot or plain seal and can include any instruction or other component to supplement your parts in each bag, either sourced or free issue. We can design bag and art work, if required, for you to sign off.


Part Marking – Laser/HF Engraving

We can offer part marking using YAG/Fibre/CO2 laser engraving system, in addition to high frequency engraved machining within our CNC machines.

Vibratory Deburring and Polishing

For improved surface finish or where it is not possible to remove burrs with break edges during machining process.


Thermal Deburring

To remove internal hard-to-reach burrs or whiskers.


Heat Treatment and Plating

Through our approved sub-contractors we can provide heat treatment and plating services to complement in-house operations to provide a finished component.

We work with companies such as Tornos and Technomation Ltd (for integrating and implementing automated systems), and our supply partners Sandvik, Iscar, Dixi Polytools, Cutwell and Floyd Automatic Tooling, as part of our continuing to give you the best service possible.