Plant and Equipment

The reason we chose Tornos is that the rigidity and robust build of the machines giving speed, precision, excellent surface finish, adequate swarf clearance and the power to machine difficult materials, together with excellent and reliable customer service.


Tornos TB Deco

The Tornos TB-Deco software helps us to predict cycle times before any tooling is ordered by combining simultaneously the movement and multi axis interpolation for machining complex profiles along with the extremely rapid displacement of tooling. The TB-Deco software allows for parallel programming and mask time mode machining. In addition, the TB-Deco software offers gantt chart analysis of cycle time, graphic machining simulation and tool management.

Fanuc Macro B (Parameterised parts)

The Fanuc Custom Macro B option on the Sigma 20 allows us to use arithmetic square inverse exponential and trigonometric functions to generate helix, parabolic, hyperbolic and other complex shapes. It also allows us to carry out logic-based programming using functions such as IF, THEN, GOTO, AND, OR, etc which can be accessed at machine G code level. Sub-programmes can be called up using different fixed/looped or value dependent cycles and restrict/validate any variable entered. This is especially useful in the manufacture of similar, parameterised components or families of parts and improves production planning. The benefits are reduced setup, cycle, programme transfer times and in general facilitates the use of our equipment. There are many other benefits such as probing for automatic work and tool offset adjustment.


Powerful ISO code editing software with provides cycle-time compares files changes made between machine interface and pc, tool catalogue and visualisation of tool path potential collision, tool management and machine monitoring in real-time.

CAD/CAM Software

We use Solidworks Professional /Draftsight CAD/ CAM software to assist in the design and view files and generate complex shapes in machine code.

Measurelink SPC Software – Mitutoyo

Measurelink SPC Software – Mitutoyo

CNC Machines

1 off - Deco Sigma 20s 6 Axis Sliding Head Lathe Ø 25.4mm


  • Capacity up to 25.4mm dia. x 200mm long as standard
  • Capacity up to 25.4mm dia x 600mm long available when long part ejector/catcher attachment is fitted. Full length of part machined by re-stroking head stock
  • Full C-Axis 3.7/5.5 kW 10K rpm on both the Main and Counter spindles
  • Fanuc 31i-A numerical controller
    22 tool positions, 32 tool geometries and associated offsets, 2 channel – 6 numerical axes, 4 rotating tools-spindles radial/axial 10K rpm
  • 3m Integral Bar Feeder Robobar SBF-532 capacity Ø5-25.4mm
  • Part conveyance outside machine for careful handling with Integrated Automatic Bin Changer. Doser 600 Basic Unit–10 segment.
  • Macro B Programmingn.
1 off - Deco 20a 10 Axis Sliding Head Lathe Ø 20mm

With 26a type sub-spindle for roll form tapping.

Deco20 has two independent XY tooling mounting platen faces on the main spindle to allow balanced turning for rapid material removal and almost instantaneous tool tip-to-tip changeover for reduced cycle time.

  • Capacity up to 25.4mm dia. x 200mm long as standard
  • Capacity up to 25.4mm dia. x 600mm long available when ejector/catcher attachment is fitted. Full length of part machined by re-stroking head stock
  • Full C-Axis on both Main and Counter spindles, 10K rpm, 3.7(5.5) kW main , 1.5 (2.2) kW Counter
  • Rotating spindle 8K 1.5(2.2) KW
  • 25 tool positions, 3 channels -10 numerical axes
  • 4m Integral Bar Feeder Robobar SBF-532 capacity Ø5-20mm
  • Deco 2000 type 20a numerical parallel control PNC-DECO
  • Tornos tool pre-setter complete with setting block.
1 off – Gamma20/6B, 6 Axis Sliding Head Lathe Ø 20mm

  • Capacity up to 20mm dia. x 210mm long as standard                                      
  • Full C-Axis, 12K rpm, 2.2kW both on main and counter spindles
  • Fanuc 31i-A numerical controller
    39 tool positions, 2 channel – 6 numerical axes
  • Guidbush/fixed head option
  • 3m Integral Bar Feeder Robobar SBF-320 capacity Ø5-20mm
  • Part conveyance outside machine for careful handling with Integrated Automatic Bin Changer. Doser 400 Basic Unit–6 segment.
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Macro B Programming
  • Bush/Bushless configuration
1 off – GT32/6, 6 Axis Sliding Head Lathe Capacity Ø 32mm

  • Capacity up to 32mm dia. x 200mm long as standard
  • Capacity up to 32mm dia x 600mm long available when long part ejector/catcher attachment is fitted. Full length of part machined by re-stroking head stock
  • Full C-Axis, 8KW,  10.5kW 8K rpm on both main and counter spindle,
  • Fanuc 31i-B numerical controller
    34 tool positions, 2 channel – 6 numerical axes
  • 3m Integral Bar Feeder Robobar SBF-538 capacity Ø5-32mm
  • Part conveyance outside machine for careful handling.
  • Chip conveyor + Petit Jean 50 micron filtration unit +Kraft & Bauer Fire suppression unit.
  • Macro Active chip breaker + Tisis Software.
  • Bush/Bushless configuration
  • Macro B programming

CNC Tooling

In addition to the above machinery, we have an extensive range of tooling available to make your part as precisely and effectively as possible.

CNC Tooling
  • Drills, reamers, taps, rollers, dies and insert/tool holders
  • Carbide roller guide bushes
  • Double and triple collet holder stations
  • Collet chuck extension spindles
  • Reamer parallel float holders with through coolant
  • Collet – adaptors/reducer/quick change adaptors
  • Collets- standard/extended nose
  • Reduction sleeves
  • Short and long turning tool holders
  • Cranked turning and centre tool holders
  • Round shank tool holders
  • Milling arbors
  • Button die holders
  • Axial drive units –axial short and long/axial-offset/reducer/speeder/multi sub-spindle
  • Radial drive unit –radial long and short/fixed angle/adjustable angle/multi sub-spindle
  • HF/thread whirling drive units,
  • Mowidec Digital sensor type centricator/centring device for precision alignment of tool/spindle attachments etc.

Conventional & Ancillary Equipment

  • ELMASONIC S30H Utrasonic Tank
  • Freddy Superminor +100L 3KW 240V 1PH
  • Aryma Centrifuge + Hopper
  • Philips MIG Welder 8.6KW 3ph 50Hz 10KVA
  • SIP 12″ Metal Cutting Band Saw 240V 1ph 50Hz 8A 1HP
  • Colchester Student 1800 Centre Lathe + Capstan Attachment + Face Plate + Steadies 3.0/3.06HP, 415v,50Hz
  • Christen & Coag Drill Grinder, 240v, 50Hz Brunner Machine Tools
  • Pinnacle  Milling Machine with Digital Readout, 415v, 50Hz.
  • Tool Grinder
  • Meddings high speed bench drill
  • 3 Phase pillar drill
  • Fly press
  • Toggle presses
  • Tool grinding machine SAMAND S/No AG/0.73/108 420/3Ph/50Hz

Parts Cleaning

1off – EVT Vapour Degreasing Plant Type NANO-T-PER

  • Active chamber size 450x275x330/365mm (wxdxh)
  • Basket Size 280x180x170mm (wxdxh) with a max. load 20kg.
  • 12Kw 3x400V/50Hz
  • 150dm3 Perchloroethylene .
  • First part of the cleaning cycle is immersion with recirculation, ultrasonic and basket rotation, after which the chamber is drained.
  • This is followed by pure wash/vapour degreasing cycle
  • Then vacuum drying process to boil-off any remaining solvent
  • The chamber is then vented through regeneration carbon filter until concentration is <1g/m3 before the lid can be opened and parts removed.

Fully enclosed Type 4 REACH compliant solvent liquid immersion and vapour surface degreasing plant.

All components are cleaned to a very high standard with virtually no emissions (<1g/m3) in an environmentally friendly closed loop system.

All the fresh and waste solvent is stored in doubled-walled, sealed, safe-tainers and is handled within double coupling hoses, vented, filtered, closed-loop hose system for supply and extraction to and from the plant, with virtually no risk of emissions or spills. All the waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner for recycling, traced and registered.

Automated Packing System

Autobag AB180/AB145 – Automatic bagging machine complete with imprinter PI412c

Bags fed from either a box or reel as a web, the bag opens automatically, filled manually via loading chute, and advanced with the use of a foot pedal.  The contents are sealed and separated for the cycle to repeat until set number of bags are filled. The imprinter prints unique information from a printer software database directly onto the bag, such as part number, barcode, description, before it is filled and sealed.


  • Bag size can range from 6.5-27.9 cm Wide by 8.9 to 63.5 cm Long/li>
  • Material gauge from 25.4 to 101.6 microns
  • Pre-printed bags with your own logo /art-work, front and rear, with or without viewing window.
  • Perforated air hole
  • Plain sealed or with Euro type hanging slot skirt.


Mitutoyo PH 3500 Horizontal Profile Projector with digital read-out and Quadra Check 200.

30×19” Grade AA granite surface plate.

Selection of micrometers, dti and callipers.

We have a comprehensive range of standard measuring equipment including pin, plug, thread and steel gauge block sets.